The World's first Reflowable, Slim Profile, Low ESR Ultracapacitor

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Chip Ultracap

Power buffering for lithium-ion batteries, Power Loss Protection for SSDs. Auxiliary Power Supply for Peak Power, Wireless Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Pulsed Power.


High Temperature Ultracapacitor

Developed for down hole operations in Oil and Gas drilling , the EE Series was engineered to operate in the extreme environments (100°C, 125°C, 150°C) common to the energy exploration industry.


Low Temperature Ultracapacitor

Our Low Temperature Ultracapacitors combine FastCAP's ruggedized ultracap technology with low temperature performance; Aerospace and Defense Applications; High Altitude Rechargeable Energy Storage; Data Recorders; Sono Buoys; Remote Telemetry Systems.


Ultracap Modules

FastCAP maintains a full  suite of capabilities for module development and testing including a full machine shop, harsh environment test facility, and production environment. FastCAP also works closely with third party validation partners for a wide range of testing capabilities.


Structural Ultracapacitor

FastCAP's structural technology began as NASA funded research to integrate energy storage into a platforms structure and void spaces. The technology continues where light weight, low volume, and high energy are a must. Applications include light electric vehicles, launch vehicles, and high density storage.


Heat Sink Ultracapacitor

FastCAP ultracapacitor technology enables significantly longer lifetime at high temperature compared to today's ultracapacitors. Based on Vertically Aligned Carbon NanoTubes with very high thermal conductivity, FastCAP developed Heat Sink Integrated High Temperature Ultracapacitors.


Custom Ultracapacitors

Our ultracapacitor technology is available for customization to suit your specific application. We offer the following parameters for customization:
- Voltage & Temperature Range
- Form Factor
- Shock and Vibration Tolerance
- Housing Material and Packaging
- Terminals
NRE for module and pack design available


Advanced Materials

In 2018, FastCAP Ultracapacitors developed Nanoramic, a division which specializes in material solutions based on nano-carbons. Nano-carbons have exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties at the nano-scale level. Nanoramic synthesizes and incorporates nano-carbons in various materials and transfers these properties at the macroscale level, addressing the needs of several applications.


Industry Leading Ultracapacitor Technology

With roots in geothermal research, FastCAP has pioneered extreme environment ultracapacitor technology. We have developed an expertise in creating high performance Ultracapacitors based on advances on the nanomaterial, electrolyte, cell construction and processing levels.

Today, FastCAP is the only company with ultracapacitors capable of high temperature (>125°C), low temperature (< -55°C), and hermetically sealed capacitors capable of enduring the space environment.  FastCAP’s technology has been validated from -110°C to 250°C by Sandia National Laboratory.




From the Blog

FastCAP Systems Rebrands to Nanoramic Laboratories

May 21, 2018

Katie Willgoos

Composite Electrode

As FastCAP expands its product lines to include advanced materials from carbon nanotubes, the company rebrands to Nanoramic Laboratories. BOSTON, MA, May 24, 2018 -- FastCAP Systems Corporation, an industry leader in extreme environment energy storage technology, is rebranding to Nanoramic Laboratories. In addition to ultracapacitors, Nanoramic will specialize in advanced material solutions based on nanocarbon technology. In 2018, FastCAP’s product offerings expanded to include a division focused on the development...


NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. Leads Investment Round in FastCAP Ultracapacitors

March 19, 2018

Katie Willgoos


FastCAP Ultracapacitors Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., a Japan-based company that specializes in packaging for complex electronic applications. The investment from NGK SPARK PLUG boosts FastCAP’s capability to bring to market a new generation of energy storage devices for the electronics components industry. FastCAP’s expertise in extreme environment energy storage paved the way for the company’s newest technology - a reflowable, slim profile, low-ESR ultracapacitor...


How Can Hard Drive Manufacturers Store More Data? Ultracapacitors

November 17, 2017

Katie Willgoos


We are living in a fully digitalized era, where the amount of data we generate every day is huge. Actions like shooting a 60-second video, taking a bunch of high-definition pictures, and sending multiple text messages have become part of our everyday lifestyle. Today, the estimated amount of data we generate daily is 2.5 exabytes, the equivalent of 2,500,000,000 Gigabytes (2.5 Quintillion bytes = a lot of bytes). While the current amount of data being generated is enormous, the rate at which we are making it...


What is a High Temperature Ultracapacitor?

June 22, 2017

In general, an ultracapacitor, also known as supercapacitor, or electrical double layer capacitor, is an device that stores energy through electrostatic forces rather than chemical reactions. Ultracapacitors can store much more energy than regular electrolytic or tantalum capacitors, and can provide higher power than batteries due to their lower internal resistance. Ultracapacitors are excellent devices for high power, pulsed power, and long-life applications. A significant advantage of FastCAP's ultracapacitor...