Neocarbonix Binder-free Electrodes for Ultracapacitors

Odoo • Image and Text

The Neocarbonix™ EDLC is an electrode for ultracapacitors.

The Neocarbonix™ electrode contains no polymer binders and is composed of 100% high purity carbon.


Low ESR – up to 40% lower ESR than conventional electrodes with binder in comparable wound cells
High stability at high temperature (85°C with ACN based electrolytes)
Compatible with all off the shelf electrolytes
No polymeric or organic binders
Excellent capacitance and ESR retention in harsh conditions on a cell level with appropriate electrolyte selection
Withstands standard reflow profiles up to 260°C on a cell level
Supports higher temperature bake-out in cell manufacturing processes, reduces time to manufacture
Compatible with standard stacking and winding processes