About us

FastCAP Ultracapacitors is a division of Nanoramic, a company that specializes in advanced material solutions based on nano-carbons.  Nanoramic’s advanced materials solutions are enabling for a number of energy storage technologies including high performance ultracapacitors, which rely on nanocarbon-based electrodes.

FastCAP was founded in 2010, working under a multimillion-dollar grant from the DOE ARPA-E to develop its novel ultracapacitor technology based on carbon nanotube electrodes.  FastCAP was honored again by the DOE Geothermal Technologies Program in 2011 to develop a cutting-edge power system for geothermal energy exploration.  These and other programs, alongside FastCAP’s commercial activity in very harsh environment applications, led to the development of unique harsh environment ultracapacitor technologies and products.

After only two years of development under its ARPA-E program, FastCAP had broken four performance records related to the power and energy density of its cells.  FastCAP has gone on to achieve an additional world record related to its work in geothermal energy system development.  These breakthrough performance characteristics have laid the foundation for FastCAP’s unique product solution across the energy spectrum, from vehicles to energy exploration and consumer electronics.

FastCAP developed, through a NASA SBIR Program, the world’s first ultracapacitor capable of reliable operation in two different extreme temperature ranges for aerospace explorations: -110°C to 80°C and -5°C to 300°C.  Read more about it here. FastCAP’s flagship product line features high temperature ultracapacitors   capable of operation in conditions up to 150°C with high shock and vibration.  The company’s newest technology is a reflowable, slim profile, low-ESR ultracapacitor which provides power loss protection in SSD and IOT technologies.  FastCAP’s solution has ten times more energy per unit of volume and five times longer lifetime than incumbent technologies such as tantalum capacitors.

The Executive Management Team

Eric Kish

CEO and Board Director

Prior to joining FastCap, Eric had 20 years experience as CEO, transforming organizations at various stages of development in 5 industries across 3 continents.

His educational background is an MSc from Stanford Business School, an  Advanced Certificate in Strategy and Innovation from MIT, an Executive Certificate in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnics of Bucharest with a major in Power Electronics.


John Cooley

Co-founder, President and COO, Chairman of the Board

Dr.Cooley co-founded FastCAP Ultracapacitors in 2009, leading the execution of FastCAP's first product lines and co-authoring multiple winning grant proposals.

Dr. Cooley holds five (5) technical degrees from MIT including the Ph.D. from the Electrical Engineering dept. At MIT, he won both the David Adler Memorial Thesis Prize and the Morris Joseph Levin Award for his thesis work, and was a Martin Family Fellow in 2009.


Nicolò Brambilla


Nicolò joined FastCAP in 2010 and currently serves as CTO. He is an expert in energy storage technologies and nanotechnologies. He is first author in several patents in Carbon Nanotubes and High Power and High Energy Ultracapacitors and their applications.

Nicolò holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an M.Sc. in Micro and Nantotechnologies from the École Supérieure d'Électricité, and an M.Sc. in Physics Engineering from Politecnico di Milano.


Matt Fenslau

VP Technology Licensing

Matt joined FastCAP in September 2014 and currently serves as General Counsel and Director of Intellectual Property.

He came to FastCAP after a decade in large law firm practice, where he specialized in intellectual property transactions, patent strategy and portfolio development, and emerging technologies. He has advised venture capital funds and companies of all sizes in areas including intellectual property valuation, technology acquisitions, patent licensing.


Ben Kendig

Board Director

Prior to investing in FastCAP, Benton Kendig worked in the real estate and bridge financing businesses where he built, operated and sold large projects. Prior to his success in real estate, Mr. Kendig served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. He holds a BS from the University of SUNY Old Westbury, and an MS from the University of Rochester.