chip Ultracapacitor

The First Low ESR, Slim-profile, Reflowable Ultracapacitor

Key Features

The Only Low ESR reflowable Ultracapacitor
Board Mountable
Pick and Place Compatible
Sealed Ceramic Package
Highest energy density board-mountable ultracapacitor
Thin profile
Small footprint
Wide Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C)
RoHS Comliant
Pb-free Reflow Compliant


Maintenance Free Storage
Small form factor for thin devices
Long lifetime at high temperature


Power buffering for lithium-ion batteries, Power Loss Protection for SSDs.

Auxiliary Power Supply for Peak Power, Wireless Sensors, Energy Harvesting, Pulsed Power

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Chip Ultracapacitor.

preliminary specifications

Capacitance at 25°C
400 mF *
Capacitance at 85°C
410 mF*
Operating Voltage
2.1 V
ESR at 25°C
250 mΩ*
ESR at 85°C
120 mΩ*
*+-20% Variation
Nanoramic Chip Ultracapacitor Dimensions
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