Product Lines

High-end Ultracapacitors Capable of Operation Under Extreme Temperature and Vibration Conditions

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High Temperature Ultracapacitors

Developed for down hole operations in Oil and Gas drilling , the EE Series was engineered to operate in the extreme environments (100°C, 125°C, 150°C) common to the energy exploration industry.

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Low Temperature Ultracapacitors

Our Low Temperature Ultracapacitors combine FastCAP ruggedized ultracapacitor technology with low temperature performance.  A perfect fit for aerospace and defense applications, high altitude rechargeable energy storage, data Recorders, sono buoys, remote telemetry systems and more.

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Lithium Ion Capacitors

FastCAP's Lithium-ion capacitor was created using Nanoramic's high performance Neocarbonix process for electrode material.

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Structural Ultracapacitor

Nanoramic's structural technology began as NASA funded research to integrate energy storage into a platforms structure and void spaces. The technology continues where light weight, low volume, and high energy are a must. Applications include light electric vehicles, launch vehicles, and high density storage.

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